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Dream Herald - by Lilla

In his work entitled *Sacred clowns* Tony Hillerman writes ~ *.... This business of hozho. The way I understand it ... I’ll use an example. Terrible drought, crops dead, sheep dying. Spring dried out. No water. The Hopi, or the Christian, maybe the Moslem, they pray for rain. The Navajo has the proper ceremony done to restore himself to harmony with the drought. You see what I mean. The system is designed to recognize what’s beyond human power to change, and then to change the human’s attitude to be content with the inevitable.* : The truth is, Dreams Help Us Adjust in exactly the same way . . .


What*s In A Name?

June 1st 2009 01:47

Well you might ask, but one thing for sure, it will mean something different to what you think if you are dreaming it! In fact, our name is one of the first things we are conscious of possessing and hearing it spoken in our dreams is a sign that we are concerned about our self worth and our feelings of belonging.

To hear your name being called in a dream ~ is an especially important sign that you need to look at who you are and any persona*s that you are using which may start to be cause you harm.

Essentially when something is named it then takes form and therefore has meaning. There our names allows us to link with essential self. In this way, there has always been the suggestion that parents name their children to carry the biggest lesson that the child has to learn in life.

To Dream Your Name is Spoken ~ is considered to be an extremely lucky omen as well as a reminder for you to focus on yourself and your surroundings for the coming few days. You may be wandering off the path of what your name entails.

Something is going on within and around you, look to the subtleties. By hearing your name you are alerted to the fact that some unusual circumstances may begin to unfold which can offer you the chance to grasp a once in a lifetime opportunity if you stay alert and true to yourself. The possibility of living in ways you never imagined may well be yours for the taking now, if you take the time to determine what you need to do in order to be true to yourself. It may be helpful to know that you are loved beyond your imagination.

To Hear Other People*s Names ~ You are probably aware of the qualities of that person as those you may desire for yourself, or may already have if you look within. This is especially true if you yell or scream that person*s name, which indicates clearly that you already know the person you need on your side when certain situations start to evolve. Note : this dream can be a warning too, that things could become abusive if you don*t have this person with you when things do start to move along soon.

To Yell Someone*s name Who You Don*t Know ~ Make sure you do not go anywhere without company for a few days, especially if you are to meet with someone you do not know very well. There is a potentially dangerous situation possible here with this dream symbology and you should be careful and vigilant after having it. Stay to well lit and public places if you do have to go it alone. You really need to note the other symbols and contents of this dream to make an accurate diagnosis. You can drop me a line to *Do you want a dream interpreted* if this occurs and I will analyse it for you.

If You Recognise The Person Yelling Out A Name ~ Alert this individual that they may be in danger of a potentially abusive situation. Mention to them the need for taking precautions, or better still offer to go with them. Advise them of the need for company and public places too. Having someone with them may save them just in time and the person they need with them is the person they called for in your dream.

To Hear The Name of A Place ~ some deep seated considerations about the way we feel about the place named, are being considered, or that something about the place itself we already know, needs to be considered now as new situations begin to unfold around us.

To Hear A Nickname ~ Is considered to herald 31 days good luck! It is also believed that hearing a nickname will bring success and profits from various sources! The person who calls you by your nickname (or someone with similar traits) will be eager to act in accordance with your wishes now. Proceed with confidence.

According to the Gypsies, to Meet Someone You know perfectly Well, but cannot remember their name, then you will have trouble in explaining your conduct to your family in some way.

Name Calling ~ Be careful not to get involved with someone who has a short temper.

Name Dropping ~ Someone new will come into your life and bring much enjoyment into your future. You will recognise this person by their nervous activity when they are with you. If you pursue this friendship you will be surprised with the joy you will bring to this person*s life, who will remain loyal and always there for you as a result.

Generally, if you recognise the person being named, you will come into contact with (or represent someone with similar traits) within a short time.

Biblical Names :

There are too many Biblical names to list them all, but leave me a comment of the name you have dreamt about, if I have not already covered it below.

Aaron ~ Expand your horizons. Stay open minded to receiving new messages, most likely from an unexpected source that may well enhance your career and lead you towards a better lifestyle, enriching you for the rest of your life.

Abraham (Abram) ~ someone unknown to you will defend you in time of crisis. A helping hand coming to help resolve a problem or issue.

David ~ Someone you look up to, will try to keep you positive about an upcoming event that is anything but pleasant to you. The advice will be helpful and almost immediate after dreaming this name.

Herod ~ You will recover from debt and financial difficulty.

Isaac ~ You will be able to locate the means to raise your standard of living.

Isaiah ~ A motivating dream that urges some successful changes to your work ethic allowing you to raise the standard of your life.

Jacob ~ A omen of health and wealth, and the need to build a stronger foundation in a relationship that is important to you. This will motivate those involved to become more supportive of you and your needs. Many blessing with this name for you and the family for the coming week.

Jeremiah ~ A good time to make decisions of the obscure things you have been shoving to the back of your mind. Some luck indicated here and many blessings for the next few days.

Jesse ~ A good time to ask for help on a special project you have been considering. A mutually satisfying enterprise is attainable if you do.

Jesus ~ Someone may lead you to believe they care for you. This name can often mean you are about to be stood up and/or emotionally, coldly put off; or emotionally let down in some way. Prepare yourself so as not to be too deeply hurt.

Luke ~ Practice makes perfect and it is time for you to be persistent in your practice. Be patient with yourself, you will get there, have faith.

Moses ~ Some brilliance and clarity of thought are yours for the coming few weeks whilst situations arise that my extend you and cause you to take more risks than usual. Developing a bold and daring demeanour now will help the process you need to bring forward all your positive thoughts. Definitely more prosperity in your life now, and you are heading for a brilliant future.

Paul ~ Quite possible that you will have to help out a family in need with both time and money. The family will eventually bounce back as a result of your help, do not worry. A really good time for networking.

Ruth ~ Time to prioritise. Find the top three and go with them immediately. Show your family that you love them with actions, not just words.

Virgin Mary ~ An omen of prosperity. Some balancing of health long overdue needs to be addressed. If you do what you must do to balance your life now, victory is with you.

I s*pose I will need to do a post on the names of Greek and Egyptian gods as well as Hindu and other religious deities now too, not to mention the multitude of Angels from the various echelons ? Another Pandora*s box, which if you should dream of her name by the way, means basically, that you should not panic, ((laughs)), like I am doing thinking of all the names from the Bible alone! .

Thanks to for the great cartoon !
and Names as inversions by Scott Kim, puzzlemaster.


Unusual Toilets ?

May 15th 2009 06:54

A few of you have asked me what visiting the littlest room at night is all about, and since I have (over the years) also been a common visitor to this random nocturnal dream cue, I thought I might share with you some of my more common discoveries; beyond those obvious occurrences in our earliest of years when dreaming of the loo would usually result in the inevitable bedwetting.

I mean the adult toilet (and all its paraphernalia), that strange place to go when considering the human psyche, id and ego and what we might be doing wandering around such a place in the middle of our dreamscape? Of course, the first port of call for any good Oneiromancer is to read what Freud thought we might be doing there in the first place and I would have excepted him to say it means something about our sexuality, and of course I was not disspointed in finding Freuds interpretations as exactly that. (Wow big surprise!). Something about repression of feelings.

Not stopping there of course, one worth their salt, would be wise to forget what Freud thinks and venture onto to Karl Jung*s collective conscious ooze and even further afield to some classics like Alfred Adler, Henry Havelock and farther still to Artemidorus Daldianus himself; not to mention those Gypsies and old folktales, along with some pretty divinely guided souls and Angels liek Raphael : all who themselves, probably also questioned why you would want to visit such a strange place as the dream dunny, when you could be fantasising about lovers, beauty, and even lottery wins, not to mention those passionate kisses and paragliding.

But, silly or not (and when is the human race anything other than so ~ especially since the turn of the century?), here we are, night after night visiting the loo during the one time of day, when we really don*t have to interrupt our routines to actually be there at all?

Sillier still, the inevitable truth that when you do dream of visiting the loo, it usually means that there is someone around you (in your waking world), who wants to make your relationship better. Someone special who is looking (unknown to you) to find ways to improve it and make it better.

Bet you didn*t see that coming?

Be warned, this post might include some floaties too, albeit of the dreamy kind, which unlike those of the daytime variety, surprisingly rarely create bad odours for the dreamer themselves, so much so that a lack of odour here also denotes good things and a positive sign that your future is brighter than you currently expect or can imagine.

To the Gypsy*s dreams of the toilet remain symbols for dirt and relate to our a lack of appreciation in some capacity, however more recently experts are leaning more towards this littlest of rooms equating to our feelings of privacy (and its infringements), which makes good sense; more so in our ability to reach a state where we can release our feelings in private. One could say a visit to the nocturnal loo may well indicate your need for space in your waking world.

Too many demands on you lately, a visit to your dream loo is saying: address the issues, make some space for yourself.

To those who study them, our dreams provide the very antidotes we need and spiritually of course, the dream dunny itself is alerting us to the fact that we have the means at our disposal to cleanse away the negative whenever we are ready.

In fact, by simply being in the same room as the loo is telling you that you are now able to open to conversations, new ways of communications and demonstrations of love; if you will only give yourself half the chance and make half an effort. The rewards of doing so will guarantee new closeness that will benefit your union on all levels. You will get more cooperation from the other person than before, so give it another go because where you have failed in the past, things may be possible now, dependant on conditions :

The BIG clues here, lie in the small details. So pay attention. .

Something Wrong With The Toilet / Unable to Use it for some Reason ~ You are emotionally blocked, go and get some energy healing, Past life Regression, learn to meditate, or start a new diet and exercise routine. Take a holiday, mini break or day trip. Suggest a separation from everyone for a while, to sort yourself out. Catch a plane, train or boat to somewhere you have never been before.

An Unfamiliar or Really Unusual Toilet ~ Is showing you your insecurity in marching into the unknown without knowing a specific outcome. You may proceed with confidence. Remember, knowing is often better than not knowing, good or bad. Take note of the things that are peculiar here. For example ; in the picture above : this unusual toilet continaing computers, suggests a scenario depicting a fear of moving further with technology, perhaps you are feeling out of your depth about something new being introduced into your life in this regard? As to the picture here to the right, such a gaping, laughing mouth may well indicate that the fear of being laughed at is preventing you from moving forward. (Look to the clue in the strange symbolism of the toilet).

Cleaning a Dirty Toilet ~ Congratulations, you are loosing your previously *prudish* attitude.

To Flush the Toilet (after Use) ~ The changes in finding new ways of conversation and communication ill occur very rapidly and with great ease.

Unusual Things Floating That Have No Business Being There ~ You are loved beyond your imagination by people you least expect and someone is very happy with you. You should expect the unexpected as someone will make their feelings known to you when you are next in a position of privacy. These feeling will be easily revealed. (note the object that is flating for further clues).

Toilet Paper ~ This is a green light when it comes to moving ahead with some plans you have been cogitating over in the compost of your mind. FOLLOW YOUR HUNCHES 100% and GO FOR IT! The timing is right now for two weeks, to make the impossible is now possible.

Crowded Toilet ~ Stop trying to be accepted by everyone. Too many people know your business. Stop telling everyone your plans, secrets and fears, especially family and close friends. Back off, step back and clear some room around yourself. Go on a retreat and say nothing for a few days. Ponder the power of silence and take back your control.

Toilet Water ~ Unknown to you, the money you have been hoping to *find* will only come to you after you are asked to perform a favour. Pay attention to who asks for what over the coming few weeks. It is a test and lucky omen as abundance, love and affection are indicated by good choices.

Toilet Brush ~ Something is missing and you need to add some excitement to your relationship. You will be able to work it out with a little effort and become closer than before. Try some open honest dialogue, perhaps on subjects you have been previously afraid to broach openly. You can confidently start this rebuilding process within the week.

Toilet Deoderiser ~ No doubts about it, you have (and probably are) right in the middle of making a big personal decision. Have no fear, it will work out beautifully if the deoderiser should appear in your dream dunny, as it augurs that all will come up smelling roses.

For those interested in toilet Video Gaming, Click Here

The picture above was linked to a german site, which didn*t elaborate any further than the picture itself.

What*s In A Kiss?

April 21st 2009 03:45

I am with a handsome young man in Pompeii. We are both in our twenties. I am elated because I have just rescued an exquisite blue, fan tail goldfish who had somehow escaped the above ground bubble of water that was his pond.

As we had done, countless times before, this nameless yet familiar boy and I climbed the beautiful sandstone steps to the top of the outside of the temple building. I grabbed the stone column to my right as I reeled from the height we had climbed, suddenly aware we were also on top of a hill overlooking the beautiful blue sea. The sun was shining, the day warm on my back. My feelings for this young man very much open and happy. We*re laughing with joy.

I am aware of his closeness too and as he turns to open the small wooden door that would lead us to the roof, my left foot slips and I nearly fall. His toussled dark curly head turns quickly to catch me with his left arm. Suddenly I am looking up at him and we are locked in each others gaze, so totally aware of the danger of our location and the nearness of each other, clinging to both unable to let go. caught in some sort of vortex . . drawing us inwards. .

I am on fire and his eyes hold me as he starts to lean in towards me. His sudden intense need for me palpable. I can feel his breath and hear my own, which has become laboured and heavy. There is a smile on his lips as the last pieces of hesitation and fear melt away and he leans in to cover the final few centimetres between us.

A spark flys across between our lips, and I feel the sweet warmth of satin touching my own lips in what is set to be another of the most passionate dream kisses imaginable, leaving anything Hollywood can muster up look like a peck on the cheek in comparison.

All this from a beautiful dark haired boy I don*t know in the waking world, but one whom I only recognise in the dream world by feeling, but not by name as he changes like a shapeshifter from dream to dream, night to night. Each time to experience a kiss as wild and passionate as the wind itself . . . and more often than not one I never get to finish. This time to be ripped away by my daughter*s clanking coffee cup, which pulls me back to reality with great yearning to go back to that top step!

Aah the DREAM KISS, as real as any in the waking world.

What does it mean?

Many past life regressionists, spiritualists and ancient pagan cultures of the Goddess, may tell you that when the kiss is particularly meaningful and soulful, we are really reliving (or future visiting) our twin flame, recounting a time when we were (will be) together. This theory offers the conclusions that we each have a counterpart that was separated in the great fall, the one we look for through each life, and one that seems to take forever to find. That one Prince we*ll kiss a lot fo frogs to find.

The mirror of our own souls they say, the one we*ll spend many lives searching, meeting, parting and connecting throughout time with, like the serpents on the caduceus finding health and life force through union and the rising of the Kundalini energy of the Tantra within the physical consumation of that union.

Sounds good to me, but I rarely get that far in my dreams?

Jungian theories feel that because of karma and complications, wrong choices and whatever, we cannot always be with our twin flames and so we astral travel at night, joined only by the aka chord to our bodies, to be with the ones we are destined to reunite with eventually.

That*s more hopeful, I like that!

Interesting notions. I like the romance in them. However, there is another school of mundane Freudian thinking that again comes back to working with the Id and ego and our Jungian collective consciousness. freud states that often the partner we are intimate with in dreams, is often no more than our acceptance of a part of ourselves we had previously disowned; back again working with the masculine and feminine within our own psyche.

Many theories, many levels. Having studied spirituality, religion and my dreams for years now, I think A Dream Kiss is a blend of the three and added to a pinch of gypsy folklore (as I am one by blood), quite a remarkable experience with far reaching meaning and consequences. I think all are appropriate as the human existence is made of the trinity and probably incorporates all three. It makes sense if you sit and meditate on it, at least.

As Above, so below.

But what of that kiss and the yearnings it engenders, which haunts you throughout your day?

Well, most oneiromancers (dream experts) agree that it very often suggests an acceptance of a new relationship with that person if you actually recognise the person you are kissing (which makes sense if you have also accepted a deeper part of yourself too); but if you don*t well it makes sense that someone new may well be on the horizon as you move through the karma of soul mates to find your one twin flame.

But what if, like in my dream, you don*t know the person you are kissing in the waking world or dream world, and yet they are familiar and you know them in a feeling kind of way?

Well I will get to that, but for now I just want to add, that the Gypsy*s feel that any kissing is no more than a general acknowledgement or acceptance of something. They don*t specify, except to say that :

Kissing Someone Goodbye ~ means the need for some sort of transition in the waking world.

To Kiss a Relative ~ is said to represent treason of the highest order.

To Kiss a Stranger ~ suggests that you will have a speedy journey.

To Kiss the Earth ~ means humiliation.

To Kiss the Face of a Stranger ~ rashness followed by eventual success.

To Kiss the Hand of a Person ~ A very nice shy person will fall deeply in love with you or a joyful event will take place, and/or you will receive a reply you have been waiting for.

Basically this is an omen of friendship and good fortune. One word of warning : to keep watch on your electrical appliances, as one is needing some TLC.

So much for Gypsy folklore let*s look at some of those deeper feelings and possibilities here:

Summary of a Kiss : it should alert you to take note of what unfolds over the coming week. If you have to make a major decision, take steps to ensure that you do not compromise your own needs and desires, and that you make sure to allow times to pamper yourself. It is time to work on your appearance and health. It is a dream that marks the beginning of an extremely lucky cycle for the dreamer and anything negative seen in the dream can be avoided.

A Passionate Kiss ~ indicates that you will receive great critical acclaim and awards for work well done. This is not always on the materialistic plane either, but can just create a fantastic feeling, helping you achieve greater acclaim.

A Romantic Kiss ~ Means that you need to do everything you can in your power to bring more love and romance into your life. Look amongst only those who can bring you emotional fulfilment. Make yourself more accessible to those eager to be in your company. Grab opportunities when you can.

If You recognise the Person Involved ~ This individual is eager to offer their support in areas you most desire. You should explore the chance of a soul mate, or a twin flame union.

Kissing Someone of The Same Sex Passionately ~ You and all those around you will soon share in wonderful good luck. Others will now magically enter your life to help you reach your goals. Great success indicated. There is some sort of mega merger indicated here where the energy created between you and those who you work with will all march to greater success. You will attend some major festivities as part of this cycle and someone will take an active interest in your plans. A long period of tranquillity is said to follow this dream symbol.

Kissing Some of the Same Sex and feeling Repulsed ~ The person you dream about in this dream (known or unknown) represents someone in your life with the same character traits, good or bad, as someone you will have to deal with in the waking world within the coming week. Take steps to avoid repeating old hang ups and patterns when this occurs. It is unlikely this person is someone you would kiss in reality. You will know this person because of the way they conduct themselves.

Remember, you are heading in the right direction and all business negotiations will work to your benefit during this cycle. There is an indication here that you will be involved in something very pleasurable in business and new conversations will open up new possibilities which you should take advantage off. Look for propositions which come out of the blue. You are heading for a fantastic future.

French Kissing ~ stop wasting time analysing the behaviour of another in case they slip away. Focus on the positive aspects of their behaviour instead of the negative. According to many dream interpretations, the feeling here is that this dream indicates that you are heading in the right direction romantically and in business affairs.

If you recognise the person you are French Kissing ~ This person is very eager to fulfil your emotional needs. This dream is considered a lucky omen overall for love and money matters. You must explore the possibility of a soul mate union here.

To Kiss or be Kissed repeatedly In a Passionate Way ~ In a very short time you may be overwhelmed in the affectionate manner in which someone treats you, making their feelings for you clear. This can be romantically or in gratitude for previous favours. Their unexpected and genuine words will leave you feeling deeply touched, either way. This individual will be tenacious in their efforts to bring you into their life. Good luck is with you.

To Kiss Someone*s Body ~ Be careful you don*t overlook or casually reject an opportunity that, at the moment, seems too easy to become involved in. Do not take things for granted and feel you will have another opportunity at another time. Start a gratitude Journal and count your blessings and be very careful not to take advantage of something that is within your power to do so for the coming 10 days.

Someone Kissing Your Body ~ Expect someone to seek what you are when it comes to emotional involvement and commitment. You will enjoy complete power in the decision making of this relationship. All situations you felt were impossible are now possible. Go for it.

A Perfect Male Figure ~ You may have to care for someone who is ill and will need you to take care of them until they can get back on their feet. They will improve their life and you may well become swamped with social invitations. Make sure you dress up and attend as many as possible. A good cycle.

To Kiss a Sexually Aroused Male ~ You must love yourself more in a nurturing way : give yourself a gift. Only do things now that make you feel good about you. You may well have the opportunity within a few days to enter into a long secret engagement with someone and feel completely satisfied with how things are turning out.

If You recognise the Man ~ He will be very interested in you in some capacity. It is most likely sexual in nature if genitals are exposed in the dream.

To Kiss A youthful Faced Man ~ Your plans for love will work to your advantage in a surprising way.

To Kiss a Handsome Man ~ someone desperately needs you in a sexual way asap. This person will go to great lengths to satisfy you emotionally and physically. You will find satisfaction if you pursue this path. You are loved beyond your imagination, whether this is verbalised or not. An unknown person may well enter your life and help you to realise your ideals, potentials and ambitions. Goals reached through light discussions with this person.

To Kiss a sleeping man ~ Guard yourself against car accidents and careless injury for the coming three days.

Kissing a Child ~ Great happiness is on the way and you will be able to do what you want to gain the freedom you have sought. You will be treated better by others now and receive more affection, consideration and respect.

To Kiss The Bride ~ Take your best performing co worker with you on a business trip.

To Kiss the Groom ~ You will be depended upon to make the right decision. Proceed with confidence; you will make the right choice.

To See the Groom Kiss the Bride~ Follow your financial intuition right now. It is spot on!

To Be Aware of the Lips as you Kiss ~ A proposal that you make within the week will be warmly received by others.

To Kiss and Animal ~ Pull your head in when around people you do not know well, least you over do it and give the wrong impression. You are at risk of overwhelming this person.

You Peck Someone on the Cheek ~ Do not rely on others to run errands for you.

Someone Peck*s You on the Cheek ~ Stop imaging the worst. You will need to pull some of that patience out of the bag and stay calm, things will work out well this way.

To Neck (Slang Term) ~ Make it a point to be available to meet someone older than you at an upcoming event. This person will be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals. Make sure you expose yourself to as many social events as possible for the coming month. The level of intensity at the meeting will indicate the success.

To See Other People Kissing ~ A very lucky omen which remains for a while. Renewed energy and new desires stir you towards making some big changes in your life. The impetus for these changes and the correct paths to follow, will come through conversations. Be sure to pay attention, listen and engage fully. You may be lacking romance in your life and this dream may be a reminder to add zest to your everyday life.

Kissing Cousins ~ Within the week you will have the opportunity to speak to someone who has a great deal of power and authority. You will be grateful to have this person on your side.

Kiss of Death ~ An unusual and rare offer will be made within the week. Pounce on it.

Kiss of Life ~ Someone is trying to impress you because they find you refreshing and stimulating. This person has a strong financial base and will be able to provide you with more comfortable lifestyle than you ever envisioned. Proceed with confidence.

Sources and many thanks to : Geddes and Grosset, Pam Ball, Henry Havelock, Alfred Adler, Briceida Ryan, Sigmund Frued, Karl Jung, Ronald Laing and Artmidorus Daldianus, and me.


Hi Dreamers,

Many of you will know that in October 2006 I headed up and posted a post by this very same name and it proved very popular and helpful to quite a few. I think over the years I have interpreted for many of our orble greats and have learned much myself in the process, too.
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Dreaming of Mum?

February 27th 2009 01:42

Dreams of family members are often a big deal and (as you already know) really do have the ability to shake us up! Understandable really, as family members are the first security image we have as children, it is often later, through circumstances in life not within our control, that the image of them (and our security) becomes distorted.

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Running through Your Dreams ...

February 2nd 2009 01:25

Running in our dreams always suggests speed and flow, a place where time and space are significant. Also important are where we are running too, or who (or what) we are running from, both representing the potential for anxiety and stress. In a spiritual sense, perhaps our preoccupation in trying to do something too quickly in our waking life?

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Dream Boats

December 16th 2008 00:41

Row, Row, Row your boat,

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What Should I do?

October 22nd 2008 05:30
Hello dear readers,

Some wonderful news from the world of dreams. About two weeks ago I discovered an almanac of dreams from a rare source. It is a book that is like nothing I have ever read on dreams and has created a breakthrough in my own analysis

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Food In Dreams : FRUIT

September 16th 2008 01:24

Fruits ~ mouthwatering dream symbols that reveal the desires we have to see the fruits of our labours, efforts and endeavours. Like Flowers, Fruits are symbolically linked to Life, growth, sensuality. Fruits in particular are linked to reproduction and the ripening of our sexual maturity.
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Food In Dreams : Bread to Fish

September 8th 2008 02:04
Good Bread ~ A positive symbol of looking through past experiences to ascertain your current basic needs. Favourable outcomes follow if the bread is of good quality and you have easy access to it, or manage to secure access to it after some travail.

In A Womans Dream : to be eating bread is said by the Gypsys to be a sign that she will be (or is) afflicted by stubborn children. They believe that much heartache and labour will be spent in thankless days because of them, should bread be on a womans dream menu

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